How to Maintain Custom Coins

November 6th, 2014

Well-maintained coins last longer and fetch higher values than unmaintained ones. Custom coins are no exception. Here is how to take care of customized coins.

Don’t forget to include protective coatings for your coins. Coin customizers often offer additional services for coins such as epoxy coatings and metal protectants. These seal the product in a clear but heavy-duty film of chemicals that repel rust and grime. They also prevent paints from peeling off and fading. It’s possible that manufacturers do not include this coating unless you request for it, so make sure you do.

Ask the manufacturer about how to maintain their coins. If they have not informed you about how to care for their products, ask them about it. It’s possible that they have their own specific instructions for maintenance, especially if they have a unique method of creating the coins and they have used special materials for them. Some give a leaflet on how to maintain coins – keep them with you for future reference.

Consider ordering containers for the coins. Sellers of custom coins also offer packages to keep them in, such as presentation boxes, draw-string bags, padded pouches, display cases, etc. Since these come from the company that made the coins, they are guaranteed to fit the products adequately. They may also customize the containers for you. On the other hand, if you buy from a store that supplies generic containers, your coins may not fit them perfectly, especially if you have irregularly shaped coins, or coins with inserts and 3D engravings.

custom coinsStore them well. You may improvise your containers if you don’t want to buy what the manufacturer is selling. Coin collectors keep them in various containers such as safes, cushioned boxes, waterproof plastic bags, folders, jars, etc. Just make sure that these packages have the following characteristics for as much as possible:







Avoid placing coins against each other or near items that can scratch their surfaces. It will be helpful if the coins are held firmly in place. Cushions will protect coins from being bent out of shape or rubbed by other objects. Keep rusted and moldy coins away from clean ones to avoid contamination.

Avoid touching the custom coins too much, especially if you have unwashed hands. This is very important if your coins have no epoxy covering on them. The oil and dirt from your hands will stick to the metal, which causes stains. It is suggested that you hold the coins only on their sides and never on their faces. However, other coins have engravings on their sides so you have to be careful with those parts too.

If the coins are dirty, clean them with coin-cleaning materials. Make sure that they are suitable for the kind of coin you have – check the label of the cleaning supplies and agents to see what kind of coins you can use them for. Wiping with cloth can sometimes be enough to remove grease. A soft and clean toothbrush can also do the trick for as long as you don’t scratch the metal or peel off colors. Before you use water or any other liquid on your coins, make sure that the paint will not come off after washing.

Another way to maintain custom coins is to record information about them. This includes the name of the coins, what the coins are about, their unique characteristics, when they are made, the history behind them, where you got them, how much they are worth, and who borrowed them. This makes you keep track of your collections better.

Why You Need to Buy a Movable Cubicle for Your Small Business

November 4th, 2014

Most owners of small businesses have a common problem: the lack of storage space in which to put all of their items and possessions. This is especially true for those who have home-based businesses and are already running out of ideas on where to place their precious items for sale. Those who have a lot of money to spare choose to rent out larger areas.

Luckily for those who need to cut corners with rental costs, there is a more cost-effective option for resolving problems with the lack of storage space: the use of a movable cubicle.

Movable cubicles have proven to be very helpful for all businesses, both big and small.

One of the major benefits of a movable cubicle is its large capacity. You can store a lot of things in a single cubicle, including furniture and other items that can take up a lot of space if not stored away. This can be especially useful if you need a place to put all of your merchandise, especially if you purchase them from your supplier in bulk. Often too, as a business grows and lengthens its existence, the need for storage space also increases as they amass more things than they have originally planned.

Movable CubicleYou can also use the space as a place for putting away your office supplies, such as papers, pens, pencils, and other items. Often, small businesses purchase these items only as needed because of the unavailability of storage space if they were to buy them in bulk instead. Having a movable cubicle means that you can purchase these office supplies in larger quantities. This will help a great deal in managing your operating expenses because these office supplies will cost a lot less when bought in larger amounts. It is also more convenient to buy in bulk because it saves you time from performing inventory inspections or sending someone out all the time to restock your supplies just to keep the business running.

Movable cubicles can also come in handy in cases that you find the need to economize by cutting down on your staff. You can store the unused computers, office tables, desks, and chairs in the cubicle until such time that you’ll need them again.

They can also prove to be very handy in case you are in an area where natural calamities and disasters often strike. These cubicles are sturdy and are designed to be safe for storing your valuable items as they can withstand different weather conditions. During renovations or when you need to repair the damages on your home or office caused by a calamity, say a storm perhaps, then you can use the cubicle as a temporary space in which to place your furniture and other property until you are done with the office renovation or repair.

A movable cubicle is also most practical for those who need to constantly move around for their business. Artists, for instance, can use the cubicle as a make-shift studio where they can do their artworks. Also, it can work as a storage area in which to load their paintings and sculptures and other pieces when they need to be transported form the studio to a gallery for an exhibit. Many small businesses also start flourishing by participating in bazaars to showcase their items. The cubicle’s portability will also be handy in this kind of case.

All in all, it is practical to own a movable cubicle if you are a small business owner. It offers a lot of benefits to you, including its storage capacity, portability, the security it can provide for your items, and the fact that it is both economical and convenient both for you and your employees

What Topics Do Motivational Speakers Talk About?

October 29th, 2014

When planning to become a motivational speaker, the first question is always how to motivate your audience. You might sound and look good on stage, but can you really deliver according to people’s expectations?

Motivation is something that many speakers find in their own lives and the people around them. It can come from the best and worst of experiences. It can be the unexpected scenario you witness on the sidewalk. You just have to keep an open mind to realize what inspiration is all about.

To help you get started, these are the most common topics that famous motivational speakers often talk about.

1. Life planning

The likes of Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn have been called life designers because of their influence in the lives of people who had no directions and concrete plans. They, together with a lot of other speakers, aim to put direction to every life and show what planning is really all about. They show the long path that not many people can clearly see ahead of them.

2. Personal choices

For many people, the choices are always available. The problem is how to choose. There is a human blindness when it comes to weighing important things in life, and it has often involved questions about materialistic goals and happiness. Motivational speaker Wayne Dyer made this the focus of his speeches, and created masterpieces such as Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life and The Power of Intention.

3. Ordinary daily incidents

Motivational speakerWhile other motivational speakers take inspiration from big, life-changing moments, there are those who turn ordinary daily incidents into significant realizations that can change people’s lives. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, founders of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, are known for this. They make regular, relatable events the central ideas of their messages. Their style has been very successful, and has now created a book franchise that includes 140,000,000 books sold.

4. Overcoming challenges

People love to seek advice on how to overcome their challenges. This might be the best topic for you if you have been a winner in your own right and know exactly how to handle seemingly unsolvable problems. Nick Vujicic is probably the most recognizable motivational speaker in this topic.

5. Self-esteem

Self-esteem is free, but many people still cannot own it. With all the standards the media constantly show, many people cannot help it but feel ashamed of themselves. Some motivational speakers like Les Brown give speeches to counter that. They emphasize on self-love before aspiring farther for their life-long goals.

If you are good at boosting other people’s self-esteem, this can be your own core value.

6. Sacrifices

Dreams are not always met without sacrifices. It is a hard reality but inevitable nonetheless. You have to give more if you also want to achieve more. This is not easy to understand for many people who would rather receive than give, that is why the likes of Eric Thomas try to wake up people with not enough open-mindedness.

7. Spirituality

This kind of topic is not for everyone, but it still gains a lot of followers from all walks of life and different faiths. Author and motivational speaker Dan Millman is known for his speeches that encourage inner peace and strength of spirituality. He emphasizes that the mind, body, and soul should all be aligned to reach a single goal.

8. Business

Many people believe that when there is financial success, success in the other facets of life will follow. It is no secret that motivation in the business industry can be scarce especially if there are a lot of failures and disappointments involved. This is where motivational speakers like Zig Ziglar become great help.

How to Etch a 2-Layer Copper Printed Circuit Board Using the UV Etching Method?

October 18th, 2014

The basic concept of the UV etching method in creating a printed circuit board is to use ultraviolet light to soften and eliminate a substrate and use the retained substrate to shield the copper board from an acid bath.

In creating a two-layer copper circuit board, you need the following materials: copper (coated with positive UV resist substrate), Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) to dissolve the substrate coating, UV lamp, UV translucent plastic to weight down the PC during exposure, transparency sheets, and a small drill bit (.031).

In designing the printed circuit board, it is crucial to take note that vias is quite difficult to deal with, so it will be to your advantage if you try to minimize the use of it to your layout. Once you are done with the layout, you need to set up the PCB software so that it will only print the things you want in the copper board.

printed circuit boardIn preparing your board, you need to mark the parts where you will be cutting using a pair of calipers that are quite handy in etching precision marks in the protective sheet. Then, you need to cut the printed circuit board to its appropriate size. You can use tin-snips but a dremel tool will work fine.

It is crucial to mirror the top layer because you need the actual PCB to be as close as the diagram as possible. The diagram should be clear when showing which side goes towards the printed circuit board because it will have a matte finish.

Many technicians are a bit scared of creating 2-layer printed circuit boards because these are quite difficult to line up the two layers. However, this is not actually that hard particularly if the board is small. All you need to do is to use a drill press to align the reference holes. Remember that the farther they are apart from each other, the easier it is to avoid misalignments in the rotation.

The next phase is regarded as a time-consuming step. First, you need to be extra careful in removing the protective sheet of one side of the board. It is recommended to do this at night or at least in a room because sunlight is a good source of UV light, and it can result to undesirable effects.

Then, align the artwork sheet with the circuit board and use a scotch tape to secure it. Place it under a transparent sheet and under a UV light for at least 15 minutes. If you wait a bit less, there will surely be substrate on the board. If you wait a bit more, you might end up washing off all the substrate during the acid bath.

Developing the printed circuit board is regarded as the coolest part of the whole process. You need to prepare a solution first to develop the PCB. You can use a clog remover mixed with water. However, there is always the possibility of overdoing it using a developer concentration. You can have the developer wash away all the etch-resistant substrate because of high concentration. Hence, be always sure to take note of the concentration that you are using so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Wear a pair of rubber gloves and immerse the circuit board in the developer and rub it with a foam sponge. Be very careful in this process because some clog remover solutions can melt away certain types of foams. Meanwhile, be sure to follow the etching process, which may take at least three to five hours.

After etching the circuit board, the next thing to do is to drill all the holes. As mentioned above, it is best to use a 0.31” drill bit alongside a tabletop drill press. This part is quite easy as the small copper vias can guide your drill into the holes.

Different Types and Designs of Custom Baseball Pins

October 9th, 2014

Custom baseball pins are usually collected by baseball enthusiasts. Baseball trading pins symbolize team spirit, camaraderie, and honor.

Custom baseball pins come in different designs. There are also many types of baseball pins.

Here are the different basic baseball pin types that you can choose from:

1. Soft Enamel Pin – Soft enamel pins are generally the cheapest and most affordable type of baseball pin. It is also called soft enamel cloisonné. This baseball pin is usually made of iron-based metal. These pins are struck with a die to make recessed areas. These sunken areas are then filled with enamel paint to add color to the design. The pin is then placed in low heat to solidify the colors and to create a shiny and polished appearance.

Soft enamel pins can be made of silver, brass, and gold metals. You can also use glow in the dark or glitter enamel paint to ensure that your custom baseball pin is unique.

2. Offset Digital Pin – Offset digital pins are also produced and designed using the die-struck process. Offset digital pins does not have internal stamping that makes recessed areas for enamel paint to fill. Offset digital baseball pins have a flat surface where you can put the image of your design. You can use images, camera ready artwork, and pictures in designing your pin. Offset digital pin is perfect for you if you want your custom baseball pins to contain the pictures of players or the team mascot. Offset digital pins are also produced using the laser print technology. These pins are also perfect for giveaways.

custom baseball pins3. Photo etched pin –Photo etched pins are also produced using the die struck process. The photo etched process ensures that you have a wider spectrum of colors to choose from. It also allows you to have more detailed designs. A computer is used to etch the custom design into the brass pin plate. The design is then filled with enamel paint of your choice. These pins are durable and very affordable.

Custom baseball pins are also classified according to uses. Here are some of the types of baseball pins according to its use:

• Little League Pins – Little league baseball pins are given to little league baseball players as a souvenir. These pins also promote camaraderie amongst the players. Young baseball players will always remember the fun, enjoyment, and the experience of playing in little league through these trading pins.

• Major League Baseball pins – These pins are used in major league baseball tournaments. Here are some of the major league baseball pins:

Arizona Diamondbacks Logo Pin
Baltimore Orioles Logo Pin
Houston Astros Pin
Minnesota Twins Logo Pin
Oakland A’s Lapel Pin
Kansas City Royals Pin
New York Yankees Trading Pin
Tampa Bay Rays Pin
Washington National Logo Pin
New York Mets Pin
Toronto Blue Jay Pin
Los Angeles Dodgers Pin
Miami Marlins Pin
Milwaukee Brewers Pin
Chicago White Sox Pin
San Diego Padres Pin
San Francisco Giants Pin

• Vintage Baseball Pins – Many baseball fanatics collect vintage baseball trading pins. Here’s the list of some vintage baseball pins:

1920 PM Stadium Pins
1969 MLBPA Pins
Baseball Hall of Fame Pin
Dodgers 1992
1984 Olympic Dodgers Pin
1988 World Series Pin
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates Champion Pin
1988 World Series Dodgers Pin
1950 White Sox Pin
1962 Bob Skinner Pin
1971 Topps Baseball Pin
1962 Bill Mazero Pin
1962 Lenny Green
1978 New York Yankees Pin
Babe Ruth Pins
1961 World Series Pin
1915 Ornate Pin
1949 Dodgers Pin
1957 World Series
1956 PM15
1955 World series Pin
1949 All Star Game Press Pin


Employee Retention: Why Do Employees Leave?

October 7th, 2014

Employee retention is an important aspect of business management. If you continuously lose the employees that you have invested on to keep your company running smoothly, you are not only slowing down your productivity. You are also giving your competitors the chance to hire those skilled individuals. When an employee resigns, you also face the challenge of finding a competent replacement the soonest possible time to avoid fill the void that could be affecting the performance of your team. Sometimes it could take weeks or months to bring your output to the same level that it was before your employee left and that can result to financial losses. To avoid all these problems and setbacks, you need to be proactive in addressing employee retention. One way to do that is to identify the reasons why people leave their jobs.

Career Advancement

According to surveys, this is the primary reason why people look for other opportunities. If they have been in the same position in their work for several years then you really cannot blame an individual for seeking a higher position from other companies since you are not giving him that chance. Any professional wants to advance in his career for professional satisfaction, to become challenged, and to prove that he can do better. There are companies, however, that overlook this and the fact that you are not recognizing the contribution of your staff through promotion can make you lose their loyalty and push them to leave. Dynamism is important in the workplace. If you have to transfer employees to other departments to give them a chance to grow and advance then do so and you will be surprised at how driven they can become in performing their tasks.

Work/Life Balance

employee retentionToo much work is going to stress out even the most experienced employee. When not much time is left for family and personal activities, you will be zapping out the energy of your employees and these people often do not realize this too until they wake up one day feeling tired and uninspired. In a snap they will lose interest and will want nothing more than to take a long rest from work. As a good boss, see to it that your employees only work the necessary hours and lessen the overtime. There are employees who will ask for overtimes but decline when you have to for their sake.


You will be surprised that salary only placed third in the survey that aims to determine why employees leave their jobs. Obviously, money is not a priority among employees but it does not mean that it is not a consideration either. To be safe, provide employees with the salary that they deserve that is also in range with the current median salaries for that position within the industry. You also must provide good benefits if you want to improve employee retention.


Many employees leave their jobs because of their managers for reasons such as lack of communication, lack of trust, mismanagement, unfair treatment, and many others. This is why the top management must observe their managers and supervisors too. If you are losing efficient and competent employees because of a manager’s bad attitude, then it may be better to lose that manager to save the team and the business.

Relationship in the Workplace

Update yourself about the state of work relationships between colleagues. Misunderstandings between workers must be addressed and solved as needed. Bad attitude from a certain worker must not be tolerated if it is driving people to leave the organization. You can either terminate the source of the problem or shuffle the organization to calm the situation. Sometimes a simple mediation can work or engage the team in an activity that will improve their rapport with each other.

Once you know the reasons why people leave their jobs, it will be easier for you to resolve these problem areas in order to improve employee retention. Try conducting surveys or exit interviews to understand why employees are dissatisfied; only then can you make smart changes.

How to Make a Junk Car Atlanta Look New

October 1st, 2014

If you have bought a used car from your local junk car Atlanta shop, it is still possible to make it look new. Afterwards, you can either use it or sell it to make more money. In repairing and renovating your used car, you can do it on your own or you can get a mechanic to fix it up.

The first thing to do would be to fix and clean your used car’s interior. Cleaning the interior of a vehicle is a good way to make it look brand new. You can have a professional do this who will dust, clean, rinse, and make the interior shine so that your car will look spotless. To save money, you can do this on your own. Make sure you also clean up your cup holders, console, dashboard as well as the vent openings.

Clean up the stains and repair the rips you can see in your car’s upholstery. Look under the seats and clean up any dirt and trash that can build up there. Use a car vacuum cleaner to vacuum the whole interior and then get a car air freshener to remove any foul odor inside.

After cleaning the inside of the used car you got from the junk car atlanta shop, it is time to check the exterior and inspect for damage there. Check the fender bender for scratches and loose bumpers. You can also have a car body specialist to check your car and fix cosmetic damages. If necessary, paint your car to make it look new.

Check the mirrors and windows for cracks and chips. If there are scratches and small dings on your car’s body, door or bumpers, cover them with touch-up car paint rather than going to an automobile body shop and have them do this for you.

Make sure to rinse and wax properly the car’s exterior as it is this which catches the attention of people. You should wash and dry it properly and then make it shiny with a good car wax. To remove hard dust, use a water hose to wash it off.

junk car atlantaAnother way to make the car you bought from your nearby junk car Atlanta look brand new is to replace its old tires with new ones. If the old ones possess good tread, you can buy tire shine and use it on your sidewalls. This will make the tires look new and clean. If there are damaged or missing lug nuts, purchase new ones.

To make your old car look new again, you should also buy new cosmetic pieces that include the following:

  1. Windshield wipers
  2. Trim
  3. Lights

In addition to these, you should replace lens covers if they are cracked or if they are still intact, just clean them properly for them to shine again. Damaged gas caps must either be cleaned or replaced.

After cleaning and fixing up both the interior and exterior of the car, you should check if it is mechanically in shape. Get a car mechanic for a complete inspection. If you do not have the budget and if you have knowledge, do the repairs yourself. You should lubricate hood & truck releases and door latches with oil to remove their squeaking sound.

Clean your car’s motor properly so that it will look new. Remove oil and clean up your battery cables. If you have an air filter, replace it and tape up wires that have become loose. The battery should be replaced if it is 4 years old or more. Make sure to change fluids such as oil if required.

With a little work, you can make the old car you bought from the junk car Atlanta shop look new again.

Different Kinds of Neck Lanyards To Choose From

September 30th, 2014

Neck lanyards are everywhere – you may have not noticed it but almost all people are using these convenient lanyards everywhere they go. These lanyards are usually worn around the neck to keep identification cards, proximity badges or keys secured and always visible. They are usually worn in a vicinity or building where wearing of identification cards are very important.

These lanyards are not only used for identification reasons; it is also used to secure your possessions and prevent these from getting misplaced or lost. Office workers are using them to hold their key pass; Students are using them to hold their school IDs or gate pass. These lanyards can also carry important keys which are needed at all times.

Instead of using the conventional pin identification holder, these neck lanyards are used to hold any identification card. Using these lanyards, identification cards are more visible and are more convenient to use. A lot of businesses, organizations, and companies are using different shades of colors for their lanyards in order to determine the department where a person came from or to identify his or her position. Most schools are using different color schemes and designs in order to differentiate the majors from each other. These different color schemes can also identify the school itself from others.

There are also times when neck lanyards are also used as souvenirs or giveaways for bazaars, seminars, conventions or team buildings. They usually come along with the name and logo of the special event itself to remind the bearer of the event which he or she attended.

Most neck lanyards have an attachment at the end. This attachment can hold different items such as identification cards, badges, coin purses, keys or card keys. Most of these lanyards are made sturdy making it capable of holding either a smart phone or a music player for your convenience.

These lanyards are also fully customizable, allowing the user to make it according to his or her preferences. Names, logos, short messages or quotations can be printed directly onto the lanyard. The person who will be ordering these lanyards can also change the color and the size of the lanyards. Many companies, schools, and organizations are using these customized lanyards to identify their employees and students easily.

Different Kinds of Neck Lanyards

1. Polyester Lanyards

The cheapest and one of the most common lanyards available. Using the silk screen method, one colored, simple design will be printed directly onto the lanyard.

2. Tubular Lanyard

This lanyard has the same type of material as with the polyester lanyard. However, the method called tube stitching is used in order to give the lanyard a “soft” feel finish. The design is also imprinted onto the lanyards using the silk screen method.

3. Dye Sublimated Lanyard

Neck lanyardsThe newest trend in the lanyard industry – this is a fully customizable kind of lanyard which is usually used in universities and schools due to different designs and colors which can be added onto the lanyard. The design itself, instead of doing the conventional silk screen method, the method of dye sublimation or heat transferring is used to guarantee that the design will never fade.

4. Woven Lanyard.

This lanyard is available in one color only. It is made of polyester and the design, to ensure the longevity, is woven directly onto the lanyard. This kind of lanyard is usually very simple and intricate designs cannot be done.

5.Nylon Lanyard.

Commonly used in special events or as giveaways, this lanyard has a stand-out, shiny finish and is very durable. The same conventional process of silk screen is used to apply the design although it requires a shiny design and finish.

What You Should Consider Before You Buy GW-501516

September 19th, 2014

Because of its claimed effects, GW-501516 has become a new addition to the many supplements that bodybuilders can take to make their workouts much more worthwhile. A lot of individuals buy GW-501516 so that they can do more reps, improve the rate at which their muscle mass can increase, and technically make the overall results from their trainings superior than ever. The drug, however, is yet to be approved for any particular use by any institution.

Initially, GW-501516 has been seen as a drug used by several athletes for doping. This substance has a great history that paved a few sportsmen’s ways to success, so as many claim. While this is a relatively new discovery, GW-501516 has been part of several athletic championships, including one that involved a European cyclist being suspended by his team after finding out his use of the drug before the competition.

GlaxoSmithKline, a British giant in the industry of pharmaceuticals and biologics, began the testing for this particular drug as treatment for a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. However, as the experiments involving rats progressed, their research team found its ability to induce cancer. For this particular reason, its development has been stopped, though some believe that it’s still being tested for viability for human use given its potential.

A huge number of people buy GW-501516, and for good reasons. First of all, the drug is capable of burning fat by facilitating a number of mechanisms. GW-501516 can improve the skeletal muscle tissue’s uptake of glucose. It is believed to increase muscle gene expression. Because of these processes, your body can then burn fat and use it for energy. This may be unfamiliar ground for many, but the fact it can help fight obesity, and in an effective way, may be enough reason for some to get the drug from a reputable company.

Aside from aiding in fat loss, GW-501516 also assists in increasing muscle mass. In a way, this improves one’s glucose tolerance while decreasing the buildup of fat mass. These are significant effects that bodybuilders will easily find beneficial to how they could potentially surpass their limits and generally allow a lot more room for improvements.

The drug may also be helpful for people who may be suffering from hypertension. There have been evidences of the drug increasing the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) while reducing LDL (bad cholesterol).

Because of how GW-501516 helps enhance endurance significantly, individuals who engage in constant physical workouts are bound to experience better cardiovascular health, which improves not only blood pressure levels, but also overall health.

It is illegal to buy GW-501516 if you are to use it before entering any athletic competitions, especially the bigger ones. However, if your intention is to improve personal health or endurance for strength training, this is a substance you don’t want to miss.

buy GW-501516Safety is one of the chief reasons why bigger companies are yet to include this in their arsenal of healthcare products. Studies concluding its safe use in humans are still unavailable. This is why it’s mostly offered on the black market. However, a few vendors offer GW-501516 through the web because of how effective it can really be, especially given the majority of those who’ve purchased the drug claiming to achieve great results from its use.

If you are planning to buy GW-501516, you should only get it from the right vendor, so make sure you’ve carefully done your research by searching for the best companies offering the product and a few customer reviews. Quality and safety should be prioritized if you plan on using the drug to keep up with your training program.

Manufacturing of Lapel Pins

September 8th, 2014

Once exclusively reserved for military and political uses, lapel pins are now widely used in businesses, charities, organizations, fraternities and sororities. Because of the rapidly increasing need for them, many businesses have started to manufacture their own lapel pins. However, only few satisfy the customer’s standards. When ordering for a customized lapel pin, the client has to contact the company and talk clearly to the design department and agree on a certain design. This will involve a lot of technical terms. This can make the client clueless and lost which can lead to miscommunication between the company and the client. In order for you to get a better result for your lapel pins, it is important that you have an idea about the manufacturing and design process.

pinsThe manufacturing process for each kind of pin regardless of the size is typically standardized. The more complex the design is, the more processes have to be involved. That is why most companies prefer wholesale orders over retail. The lapel pin starts with the certain design in mind. This includes the shape of the pin, the colors used and the graphics. Then the metal used will be specified. The printing method and technique should also be indicated. The kind of attachment at the back can also be specified. There are different kinds of metals used for any lapel pin. Copper, brass, steel and nickel are the common base metals. These metals are generally more affordable. Silver, gold and platinum are also used but they are reserved to lapel pins used by high ranking officials and generals because they are way more expensive. Brass and copper are most ideal because they are much softer than steel and nickel. Since they are not that durable, they are often plated with a much harder metal after the stamping of the design and cutting process. The stamping of designs can also be done at the back where the attachment pin will be soldered. The design stamp should have at least 0.3mm in order to prevent the colors from mixing into each other.

After plating, each pin will be polished until they are very shiny and highly reflective. However, the degree of shine can be specified by the client. Plated copper is the usual material that needs polishing. Then, the most crucial step in manufacturing lapel pins follows. Each pin has to be colored. This is a very meticulous process that requires proper attention. The color should not go beyond the stamp. It can be wiped but it would take more time and compound to several hours. Then, when all the colors have been set, the entire set of lapel pins will be baked. This is to ensure that the colors will stay permanently on the pin. Each color is based on the Pantone Chart. This chart is a globally recognized palette of colors that aims to standardize the colors in order to avoid confusion. Unlike usual colors, pantone colors are true colors and are not mixed from other two or more colors. They will be baked for about 15 minutes at temperatures high enough to set the color but not to melt the metals. After baking, they will be cooled. At this point, each pin is almost done and can actually be worn already. However, they are not protected from the everyday wear and tear. Therefore, each pin would have to be coated with a special clear epoxy coating to preserve the colors and the shine of the metal. This will also prevent the metal from oxidizing. Usually, only the front part of the pin will be coated to save money and time.

Providing Customer Service: Live Chat Software vs. Phone

September 5th, 2014

Many startup companies often believe that it’s good enough that you have a nicely-setup website up and running. Branding is serious business, and it surely pays off knowing that the way you design your website entices users to browse more into your web pages. But given how innovative technology has become, you need to focus a lot more on providing excellent customer service than before. Nothing is perfect, and this is something that certainly applies in every business. In this case, what you might need is a live chat software to really know what your customer’s exact needs are.

You might ask yourself “why do I need such tool when there’s phone support?”. Apparently, there are many things that make using live chat software a lot better than simply using phone to assist your potential and existing customers. One of these things includes having the ability to provide better service.

chat softwareA phone line can be a decent medium for your operators to assist your customers. The downside to this is the possibility of tricky questions, and these may come very often. Your staff may ask their colleagues about the matter, but this is usually not a great experience at the customer’s end. With live chat support, however, operators can quickly ask each other to provide the necessary answer the customer seeks without putting them on hold. The customer may not even be aware of what they’re doing in the background.

Additionally, you’d be able to get instant feedback using live chat software instead of a telephone, which often requires your customers to go through a myriad of menus before actually getting assisted by one of your operators. Unfortunately, this tiresome experience has never been a positive one for most customers.

Relying on phone support would also require you to have as many people in your staff as possible if your customer pool is already extensive. This can be very troublesome for customers who may not have enough patience to wait for assistance that may even have no exact answer to their queries.

Operators accessible through a live chat widget, on the other hand, can assist more than one customer at a single time. An experienced agent communicating through live chat can easily answer back to three or more people without much delay, while even the best operator conversing through a phone line is basically limited to one customer.

In certain cases, you can’t expect a customer to have a decent accent your operators can easily understand. What’s worse is that this can cause miscommunications between the operator and the customer that could result in negative feedbacks to your company. This barrier is effortlessly eliminated when you use a live chat software. Even if your customer does not speak English, several chat support tools offer language translator features so your operators wouldn’t come across too much trouble.

A big hassle that customers find trying to purchase from vendors across the continent is the extra fees for international calls. This is not something they would want to shoulder, especially if the vendor’s product or service did not work as claimed. However, this cost does not apply when implementing live chat support. Regardless of where the customer is around the world, he or she could immediately be aided conveniently.

There are, of course, a few disadvantages in utilizing live chat software. Some people, particularly those who are not tech-savvy, might not find it very convenient. The tool doesn’t function well with mobile, which some users might find disappointing. However, these are only minor inconveniences compared to how beneficial it can really be when implemented into your website.

How to Take Care of Your Golf Iron Sets

September 4th, 2014

The golf course may seem clean and neat, but once you used your golf clubs, you must learn to constantly tidy them up. Since golf iron sets cost a considerable amount of cash, cleaning them is part of the maintenance. However, you must take note of the following guidelines on how to properly do the cleaning. You do not want to bring dirty or tarnished golf club on the day of your game. There are available cleaning kits on golf stores that really work with clubs. If you want to do it yourself, you will simply need some household materials.

Get a small basin, mild dish washing liquid, used toothbrush, and a wiping cloth. Put a considerable amount of liquid soap into the basin, then add tap water. Check the temperature of the water – the warmer, the better. It is more advisable for your cleaning procedure in order to soften hard clay. Be sure not to put hot water because it may affect your golf clubs. The water level must be enough to soak the heads of your golf iron sets.

It is ideal that you work outside your home or perhaps on a sink, because you will be needing clean water after. Position down the basin, then put your golf clubs inside with the heads soaked. Leave your irons for a couple of minutes in order to soften the collected dirt on your golf clubs.

After waiting, take one golf club and brush the grooves. Remember that this step should not be missed in your cleaning process. Turn it over and ensure to remove other debris or grass.

However, if you cannot easily clean the grooves because you do not do it in a regular basis, you may want to soak them longer and wait again. Look for a rough-bristled toothbrush, but be careful not to scratch heavily.

When you are done brushing, get the garden hose or open the faucet in order to wash the club head. Check closely if all dirt has been removed from the grooves. Prevent the water from splashing up to the shaft.

Dry off the wet portions with an old towel, then wipe the shaft. This will polish the cleaning process before you put them back inside the bag. You may also want to place them first inside the floor of your house to totally dry them off.

Golf iron setsFor wood golf clubs, since they have a glossy finish, it is recommended not to soak them in water anymore. You can quickly submerge these clubs into foamy water, wipe with a damp towel, and dry thoroughly with a dry towel. Use damp cloth to remove dirt from the club heads and make sure to dry right after. When there are still messy parts on the grooves after wiping, find a brush with soft bristles, and clean only the dirty area. If you rarely play golf, but own persimmon wood clubs, do not also soak them in water. Simply clean them using wet wipes or a damp cloth, then dry.

For additional caring tips, you can read them below.

Do not let your golf clubs stay in the garage or trunk of your car because the temperature there can be very hot. This may not actually damage the club head or the shaft, but the resins and special adhesives can be affected by the weakening of the grips. Humidity can also contribute to rusting. The best way is to keep your golf iron sets indoors.

Make it a habit to inspect your golf clubs regularly if there are cracks or damages. This will help you maintain your clubs in good condition. Also, check the shafts for any split, nick, or dent. You do not want to be surprised about the damage on the day of your golf game.

If the rainy season comes, always clean and dry your golf clubs after finishing one round. It is certain enough that when clubs are left wet, rust spots will begin to develop.

Golf cleaning materials are available in trustworthy golf shops. You may want to visit them and specifically ask for golf iron sets cleaning necessities.

The Slippery Slope of Hiring SEO Services Today

September 3rd, 2014

There are a lot of different results that you could pull from search engines. When you look for just about anything, you’ll have data overload in many cases. You could try to fight this notion, and you could try to narrow things down, but you’ll find that it’s difficult. No matter how you slice it, you’ll find that in order to gain leverage within the results, you’ll need to take your time. If you rush through the selection process of just about any major selection, you will end up with lackluster results over time. It’s imperative that you take time to weigh your wants and needs when it comes to any major tech hiring decision. When it comes to SEO services, this becomes an especially difficult issue, which is why you need to look into the right options that will fit your needs.

Assessing The Needs of Your Website:

Not everyone needs to spend tens SEOServicesof thousands of dollars in regards to SEO services. There are some companies that will want to convince you that you should use this type of money spent, but it’s not going to help you at all. The money spent is not a good way to measure the success of your campaign, even if the money is going to be spent on PPC advertising. While this may seem like it’s counterintuitive, it’s been proven time and time again to be true.

In order to fully understand what you need to push forward within the world of marketing, you will need to assess what you need out of the website. You will want to gain traffic, but you need to focus on more than just the hits. Hits are great, but if they are not focused, targeted, and allowing you to create the right amount of connection, you will end up with nothing more than a boosted ego. Make sure that you make a list of what you want to work within, and what type of success you will need as proof of the return on your investment. Do you want hits? Conversions? Subscribers to your newsletter? Affiliate marketing click through? If you do not assess the needs that you want for your site, you will end up spending too much on services that may not produce what you want them to produce.

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Technique Matters:

The way your site gets promoted matters greatly. Do not assume that there is only “one” way to work within this world. You will find that you need to focus on techniques that are going to help you gain leverage, and do so within the world of “white hat” elements. Some people will end up trying to sell you on shortcuts, or even recommend some simple things that you can do to gain leverage within the world of optimization.

All it takes is a quick search for “SEO hacks” and “SEO traffic”, to see how complicated this can become. It’s something that is going to cause you a serious influx of issue. Make absolute sure that you do not believe the hype surrounding the ideas of hacking search engines or “gaming” the system. No matter what vocabulary is given to you, there is no “easy” way to get all of this done. Sure, there are some that can be expedited, but if it involves “black hat” techniques at all, you will end up losing out.

Measuring Success Over Time:

Here is the biggest issue that you are going to find within the world of search engine optimization, and that’s measuring the success rate of your service. When you are looking at SEO services, you will find that the world of traffic is going to be connected with time. The more time you work on optimization elements, the higher the likelihood that you will gain results. There is no “one” way to get through all of this with ease, and at the end of the day, you may not see any sort of traffic influx within a month, two months, or even three months of implementation. It’s something that many people don’t understand.

Do not assume that you can hire the best company in the world and see a huge push forward within a week or two. Optimization takes time, and it can take upwards of months to see major results. Even then, some companies may recommend going with upwards of 6 months of time to see real results. This is not a popular thing to discuss, but it’s not a fast moving process. If you want to influence the internet, you should think long term, and not short term. Short term options will not suffice in bringing the right kind of influence to your site, guaranteed.

Bad Companies Abound:

If you remember nothing else, make sure that you are taking your time within the world of hiring anyone. There are a lot of bad SEO services out there, and they are clever at how they represent themselves and create sales. Do not fall prey to these bad companies, because it will cause serious issue moving forward. Take time to fully understand what you want to move forward with, and take your time balancing the right optimization services.

3 Things To Remember About Content Marketing

September 1st, 2014

In the world of search engine optimization, one of the things that you’re going to have to work on is content marketing. The adage of content is king is alive and well and millions of people subscribe to that notion. If you don’t think that it’s a good thing, then you’re blinded somehow. With this firmly rooted in your marketing strategy, you could expect to receive a deluge of traffic faster than other solutions, guaranteed. Getting there isn’t easy, as you will not be able to just turn this solution on and see the hits roll in. You will need to do a little bit of work, whether or not you literally type things out or upload everything. Regardless of where you’re at with this solution, you need to consider 3 things overall about the world of this marketing solution.

Content Is NOT Just Writing

SEOToday’s seo standards will call for you to do more than just write. A lot of people hear the term “content” and immediately picture longwinded writing and articles strewn across several different websites. That is not the complete definition of this term in highlighting online marketing. You will need to understand that early on because it’s easy to get caught up in the wrong things. Focusing on the right things requires you to look at the diversity that is at the helm of this protocol. For instance, you will find that graphics, videos, audio clips, podcasts, and of course writing all play a role in the implementing of optimization strategies. All of these things work together to build traffic for you, and it should not be shunned or isolated to one area.

Diversity Matters When For SEO

If you’re building search engine optimization, or if you’ve hired someone to help with building this type of work, make sure that you diversify your reach. Do not just focus on one of the branches overall. You need to do more than that. For instance, if you have a blog, make sure that you post a good article one day, then on another day you post a video, and on another day you put up an infographic. These all work together to help you create a lasting impression on the web. Without these in place, you will not be able to get very far. Diversifying your page to have maximum flow of hits is crucial to the longevity that your brand has.

Never Duplicate Anything

The hardest thing for some people to realize is that duplicates will cause you a great deal of problems. Never duplicate content, never repost items, and don’t blatantly rip off competition. If you cannot come up with something on your own, then you need to hire someone to give you a helping hand. Posting spun articles, PLR content, and things that have been posted in the past will not suffice for your future. It’s here that some people lose sight of the purpose of content management and creation. For maximum seo reach, you will need to have a great deal of pull in regards to creating compelling information.

In the end, you will want to work with seo as the premier marketing tool for your overall advertising needs. Do not pay for PPC alone, and do not focus on blogging alone. The more you cycle through solutions that will help you create leverage within search results, the better chances you will have to sustain a good marketable website. This takes time, so don’t assume that you can build an empire with just a few pages and a bit of traffic. It’s going to take you a while to implement all the changes straightway. Take your time and you’ll see a huge influence come through.