The unity of purpose, vision, and objective, is a very essential core that must be maintained within a group, whether it is as small as a team or as big as a corporation. This unity is important because if there is even only one member who deviates from this purpose, the team, group, organization, or corporation will be having difficulty in attaining its objectives, primarily because of conflicts of interests and goals.

Maintaining this unity is equivalent to achieving ultimate success in whatever purpose such group is engaged to. Principles must be upheld, and the spirit of the group must be brought to its peak for optimal, maximized results in every effort. One of the ways to do this is by holding meetings, recreational activities, and even sharing among members. Another unique, but very effective way is through the use of items known as custom coins.

Custom CoinsCustom coins are coins which are minted according to the specifications given by a person in an application duly made for that purpose. These are coins that show a design different and distinct from the coins used as legal tender. They may take different forms, shapes, metal composition, luster, and a lot more, depending on the specifications provided, and depending on where they are going to be used. They are not used in trade, but they are usually given to members of a group as a sign that they are a member thereof. Examples of custom coins include those in medals, pins, badges, and other accessories that prove or show membership in an organization.

Custom coins are merely seen as accessories worn by individuals, whether or not they are part of an organization. These items are treated as if they were mere decorations, but the truth is that they are more than decorations. They give a very important message. For instance, a person wearing a dog tag can be seen by someone to be wearing just an accessory, probably so he will look better, but if such accessory has been given to him by the members of his group, let’s say his dance group, that dog tag will be more than just a decoration; another meaning will then be associated to that accessory, and that is his membership in that dance group.

The following are some of the meanings usually associated with custom coins:

1. Membership

This is the most common meaning of having these coins. Usually in the form of pins, these coins are given to members of an organization to signify that they are a member thereof.

2. Loyalty

These coins are also given to people as a manifestation of their loyalty to a group. A very good example of this scenario is when friends decide to have something that will represent their friendship. Usually, they use items such as bracelets, pendants, or they print shirts and jackets to signify that their friendship will always stay strong. This is very common in the case of military personnel and in the police force.

3. Achievement

These coins are also used as awards given to people who have made something remarkable or have performed efficiently in the tasks assigned to them. A very good example is when an organization is awarding someone for being the best employee, or being the singer of the night, or being the salesperson of the week.

Though for some they are just metals designed to be showed to others as decoration, for others, these coins mean a lot of things. It cannot, however, be denied that it is a symbol that represents one vision, one objective, and one future.


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Long Island Homes Are for Romance

For someone who wants to feel loved and cherished, the Long Island homes offer the perfect place to feel the harmony between nature and between two beings. Entering the Victorian and Colonial houses, one would feel certain calmness just by looking at how the rooms had been designed and garnished. It is as if the house is suited for royalty members, where the columns, cornices, pilasters, and pediments are filled in an array, with large arches and a grand stairway going up to the balconies and rooms.

Real EstateIt gives one a feeling of sovereignty, like each one is in dominion with his or her life. It gives a feeling of self-confidence and assurance, at the same time that the surrounding offers a flamboyant bearing. It makes a person feel loved and cherished, for the house itself offers a unique flair that goes in harmony with the distinctiveness of the emotion.

The Long Island homes connect people with nature. Looking over the beauty of the bay, with colors that change in every bit of the hour, it gives a feeling of harmony of being in one with nature. Going over the running waters of the bay makes one realize how little people are when compared to nature.

Running over the sand of the beaches makes them cherish the simple pleasures of being in one with nature. Basking in the sun offers a gift that cannot be compared with, giving people the desire to be in union with the earth, even for only a few days or weeks. Thus, in Northport alone, as much as 7,500 residents continue to enjoy the gifts of the island, and they have professed that there is nowhere else that can offer them perfect satisfaction on what life can give to them freely.

The Long Island homes connect two beings, turning them into one being under the shadow of love and romance. Going down the quaint streets of the Northport Harbor, there are a variety of independent shops and restaurants where they can find time to reacquaint themselves once again.

In times when there are no concerts along the Main Street, the place becomes a perfect location for dates and engagement activities, just by strolling down the street and going to the restaurants along the lanes. The Main Street ends right at the harbor, so those who come from their boats can moor them right at the bay and then walk down towards the Main Street for a drink or a meal.

This makes it the perfect place for vacation and even for after-wedding activities. It encourages romance in the air, for the ambiance makes the people realize that they are in a secluded place where love and romance are being felt even within the edges of the bay. Long Island homes connect people with nature and with their loved ones, making them feel the serenity and comfort that unity, harmony, and romance can give unreservedly.

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From Design to Reality: Delivering Your Printed Circuit Boards Design

Manufacturers use computer-controlled drilling machine to produce circuit boards based on the specifications indicated in the standard design format that the computer can also understand. The printed circuit boards industry has developed different ways of exporting designs of PCBs: photo-resist, silkscreen, and milling. Each of these have their own advantage and disadvantages that designers must consider in choosing a method that would suit their needs. Let’s briefly discuss these printing methods one by one:

printed circuit boardsPhoto-resist. Photo-resist boards are glass boards composed of several layers: the plastic film, the photosensitive coating, and the PCB mask. When you peel off the thin sheet of plastic film, the sensitive layer of the board will be revealed. This layer is made of copper that reacts to light. With the photo-resist board and the PCB mask attached together, it will be transferred to the UV light box. Now, this stage works in a very same way as how you develop a photo from traditional cameras that uses films. After not more than three minutes of being exposed to light, the photo-resist board and the PCB mask will be soaked in a container filled with developer. Developer is a liquid type that dissolves the covering that was exposed to light. Remember that it shall only stay in the developer for only ten seconds. After that, the board must be washed with clean water. The board is then transferred in an etchant where it is heated. In this stage, the etchant dissolves the unwanted copper layer so the tracks will be revealed cleanly. After making sure that no copper tracks are damaged, the circuit board is now ready for drilling.

Silkscreen. While photo-resist boards are made in a similar way photographers develop films, silkscreen works the same way professionals prints your t-shirts. Silk-screening is a printing technique that involves a cloth pulled tight over the frame. This cloth is the attached piece called the silk-screen stencil where the design of your circuit is printed. The silkscreen stencil forms open areas of the cloth that transfer ink onto a substrate. The ink is pressed through the cloth using a fill blade moved across the screen stencil. This ink resists the etchant which then dissolves the copper of the board. This entire process is usually done with a machine. A silk cloth is used in this type of processes because it has very small holes avoiding unnecessary inks to be transferred in the finished printed circuit boards.

Milling. Unlike the two above mentioned methods of printing circuit board designs, milling does not involve any chemical in the process. A machine called, PCB milling system, does all the work where a controller drills the circuit board to produce the desired design. The mill removes the copper around the wires with directions that follows an X, Y and Z angles principles. This subtractive way of the machine leaves the board with accurate traces of electric paths. This method is also called, “isolation milling”. This is probably the cheapest method but is also not recommended for mass production.

While there are a lot of manufacturers that produces printed circuit boards, beginners and hobbyist may also opt to test their design using do-it-yourself or DIY methods. Perhaps, you are an electrical engineering student working on a project instead of a professional working for a company. Good news is, the methods above can be performed in an alternative way that you can do in the comfort of your own home. So instead of mass-producing your printed circuit boards, you can just gather your materials and kits available on hardware shops and work on your own.

Author Bio:

The printed circuit board is the base of most electronics including computer components. Circuit boards are composed of a specified number of copper conductive layers.

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